ALASKA Day 5: Pictures

Picture of me taken in Healy, Alaska with the Alaskan Range Mountains of Denali National Park in the background, approximately 10:00 am.

2006 Christmas Card Photo taken from Willow, Alaska. Note the hoarfrost covering all the trees and the dim afternoon light. The picture was taken at approximately 1:00 pm and the sun is still just barely over the horizon.

Friday night at the F Street Station in Anchorage. Left to right are Steve Gray, Jamie, Andie, and myself. Just behind Andie's left shoulder is the famous block of cheese and above that is the sign indicating that the block of cheese is for display purposes only. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, my digital camera is ill-equiped to take night time photos. This is a picture of me in front of the Northern Lights light sculpture, which is the centerpiece of the outdoor Anchorage ice-skating rink.


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