Shoulder Update

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments and the well wishes. I really appreciate them.

I've started therapy/rehab on my shoulder. Range of motion is like 98%, which is really cool, and strength has not been diminished at all. The rehab focused on strengthening the entire shoulder joint because now that the AC joint is separated, the rest of the shoulder joint has to pick up the slack. Therefore it's imperative that I do these daily flexibility and isometric exercises to really help stabilize and strengthen the entire joint. Makes sense.

My first appointment with the physical therapist was Thursday morning and it was an assessment kind of appointment. Monday morning we'll really get into the meat of the rehabilitation.

I am spending time in the gym now as I have to do a whole range of exercises like twice a day, so it is eating into my blogging, but I'll get back to a more normal posting pattern soon.

Thanks for reading.