B-PAC: Who's In?

Scott over at Perspectives of a Nomad and I have been discussing the ability to make a difference in the world through our words and actions. As bloggers, we hope our blogs our read and our points of view are heard, and hopefully a little bit of a discussion will ensue.

But in terms of having our voices heard where it really matters--in the offices of the politicians that are increasingly distant and yet control the world we live in, and in Washington, my belief is that our blogs do not matter. In fact, I believe Washington is happy each one of us has our own little blog where we can write about things that interest and bother us and vent our frustrations. Doing so keeps us busy while Washington goes on with the business of securing their own personal power and fortunes.

It is also my belief, that grassroots efforts are enormously powerful. One small group of individuals at a church that raises noise with a manufacturer about their advertising on a certain television station can get a brilliant comedy pulled off the air before it ever finds it's audience. (The Book of Daniel starring Aiden Quinn).

I belief those of us in the blogosphere that want to make a difference, can. And the way I propose that we do it is by forming a Bloggers Political Action Committee. (BPAC). We can raise funds and solicit donations and contribute to politicians in both parties who value our fundamental liberties that are being trounced on by the Bush Administration AND those who are willing to listen and to act on our behalf.

Those of you that are interested, please leave a reply to this post. It's okay to start small. The important thing is, if we want to make a difference, is that we start.

Thanks for reading.

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evelgal said...

i certainly hope expressing our views on blogs can help open up one's perspective of the world. i think it's what many of us have in mind.
keep up the good work : )

March 24, 2006 1:12 AM

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