It's been about a week since I've posted, and this little bugger pictured here is what has been responsible for my lapse. It's called the FLU, and while it looks rather harmless, it has the power to knock even the strongest among us out cold. Last Tuesday I slept for 19 hours straight without waking up. I had a fever over 101 degrees. I had a headache that kept me confined to a prone position. I had sweats. I had chills. I had absolutely no appetite and even Chicken Soup was unappealing. Naturally, I started a new job last week. Perfect time for the flu, right? Fortunately my new employer was most understanding and sent me home for needed bed rest.

After four days of that nonsense, I visited the doctor, got a Zithromax pack (great stuff!), nasal spray and cough medicine and now I can say I'm above 90% once again--which is critical because Whitewater Rafting Season begins in West Virginia within days, and I've got at least 30 days of rafting I have to get in before the season ends at the end of October. Hey! It's all about priorities.
New Site Design
I spent the better part of today redesigning my blog. Still playing with and learning about CSS. This is another interim step. I had to leave the old template behind because for many it was hard to read with the background image and tiny font. Plus, I wasn't really happy that the white layer the content was placed on didn't really automatically adjust to fit the content. But onwards and upwards. I still have some tweaking to do with the graphics on this template, but so far so good. I hope it's more readable.
Please welcome OneManBandwidth!
Okay, sorry Lonnie. I know I said I would get this welcome to you out last Tuesday, but I've been sick and could barely function, let alone write anything. Better late than never though, and while this rental campaign is coming to an end, at least I got this little plug for you in time to say goodbye. I appreciate you renting my space.

If you have not seen Lonnie's blog, please click on the thumbnail on the upper right hand corner of my blog. Lonnie B. Hodge is a Writer, Professor, Editor, Entrepreneur, China SEO, Business and Trade Specialist and a Sourcing Consultant for emerging and established businesses seeking to improve their visibility in overseas markets. His blog is beautifully designed and his posts reflect the culture of the Middle Kingdom as well as presenting the Asian perspective of our illustrious politicians and our nation's standing in the world.

Thanks again, Lonnie, for renting space on Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. I'll be sorry to see you go.

Thanks for reading.


Lonnie said...

I am just glad you are back and well...

Thanks for the plug...

The site looks great...

I remember so well my many days down the Royal Gorge in Colorado at 30,000 CFS...What a ride...

Ever envious here near the slow moving waters in Southern China...


March 05, 2006 12:46 AM
Soto said...

Hi Matt
Your site looks awesome. You really did a great job.

Thank you so much for visiting my new site. I will eventually get some real blog software up and running, but right now what I have will just have to do. I want to get the whole site running before I start adding new stuff LOL.

Stop by again, join, and help me test the software ;)

See you on The Flip Side

March 05, 2006 3:20 PM
Dramedy Girl said...

Hey Matt, glad to hear you're feeling better! The flu this year is quite nasty. I like the new design but I miss the green of the old one. :o) I hope you have a wonderful time rafting here in WV. Be careful!

March 05, 2006 10:14 PM

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