Winter Games Indeed

WOW! I didn't know Naked Skiing was a new event at the Winter Olympics this year! I understood the Olympics were hurting for ratings, but if they really wanted to compete with American Idol, Bob Costas and Katie Couric should have talked about this more and really promoted the new event. I'm disappointed that I only found out after the fact when NBC broadcast the footage of Andrea Vianello (pictured above) competing. I REALLY would have liked to have seen the Swedish Women's Team competing in this event. Oh well.

Actually, I guess the event was a one-shot deal. Andrea Vianello lost his pants in a bet with the U.S. Ski Team technical coach Patrick Riml. They spoke together and Vianello said that if Julia Mancuso won a medal, he would ski down in his underwear. Surprise! Mancuso won gold, so off came his pants and down he went.

But I think we're on to something here.... Next time Chad Hedrick & Shani Davis or Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan have a score to settle, they just need to place the following bet: Loser skates naked! I think the bets should be encouraged--they'd certainly be a lot more fun to watch if no less entertaining than watching a bunch of childishness. I'm also sure that Naked Skating or Skiing would massively improve the ratings of the Winter Games as well. Hey! It's a thought!

Well, the Winter Olympics are just about over folks, and as usual, they have provided their share of drama and inspiration. From the worst: Chad Hedrick vs. Shani Davis; to the best: Joey Cheek donating his $40,000 he won for winning gold and silver to charity. From the worst: Lindsey Jacobellis showboating and losing gold to the best: the Turkish figure skater's triumphant skate in the ladies long program.

I have enjoyed the diversion and focus on athletes and sports I really only get to see every four years. It's been amazing. Highlights I'm looking forward to in 2010:

1. Will Michelle Kwan and Irina Slutskaya attempt to make comebacks?

2. Will Sasha Cohen be able to pull it all together and win Gold?

3. Will Belbin and Agosto be able to break the Russian lock on Ice Dancing Gold they have had since 1984?

4. Will Bode Miller win an Olympic Medal?

5. Will Jeret Peterson's Hurricane win Gold in Aerials?

6. Will Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick become friends before Vancouver and compete as team mates, or will their fiery egos once again clash on the Olympic Oval?

7. Will the high profile of NBC's Curling Coverage cause Curling clubs to sprout up all over the place and push the US to Gold in Vancouver?

8. Will USA Hockey ever get it right again, and will Chris Chelios still be the US Captain?

9. Will Naked Skiing become an Olympic event?

10. Will Katie Couric overcome her love affair for Italian Gold and Fashion and Architecture and Food and Dessert and be able to promote Vancouver the same ways she has promoted Torino?

Time will tell. Enjoy the closing ceremonies Sunday night!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging. Thanks for reading.


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