Welcome Jeremy C. Shipp and Haunted House Dressing

There's a great community of bloggers out there, and in the short time I've been blogging, I've had the chance to make several new friends already interested in sharing parts of their lives and exchanging ideas. It's in that spirit that I started participating in Blog Explosion, and it's been most rewarding so far.

Blog Explosion offers this amazing opportunity to earn credits to pay for unique member services to help promote and develop your own individual blog site. Earlier this evening, I signed up to participate in "Rent This Blog." In this program, the renter agrees to host a thumbnail and a link of a tenant, and in return the rentee pays the renter credits the renter can use for member services on the Blog Explosion Site. It's very cool.

Anyway, I have my first blog tenant: Writer Jeremy C. Shipp. For the next week I'll be featuring his unique blog:
Haunted House Dressing over on my sidebar. I hope you'll check out his site. It's very unique and provocative, well-written, and well-designed. If you like my writing, I'm pretty sure you'll be impressed with Jeremy's content.

Welcome aboard Jeremy. I'm glad to have you here.

Thanks for reading.


FyreGoddess said...

Jeremy's awesome! I love his site. Heh, he was my first tenant, too... and somehow the one who got the most hits from my readers. Heavy duty pimping, maybe or, more likely, damn good content.


February 08, 2006 10:23 PM

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