In Awe of Olympians

At the U.S. Nationals last month when Sasha Cohen won her first U.S. National Championship, she was skating with the flu. Though I had been holding out for two years, two days ago, the flu knocked me out cold. Yesterday, I slept for nineteen hours! I awoke only to watch the Short Program in Ladies Figure Skating and the much hyped Men's Speedskating 1500 meters. But I just as easily could have slept through them as well.

The pressure on my forehead was intense. The coughing was painful and it felt like my ribs were breaking. The fever, the chills, the dizziness when I tried to move--I decided it just wasn't that important to drive to work to get my paycheck. Hell, I decided it just wasn't that important to get off the couch to brush my teeth.

So when I hear stories of athletes, Sasha Cohen or anyone else, competing with the flu, or stomach illness, or head colds, it's like WOW! How are you functioning, let alone competing at the top of your sport? All I know is that whatever it is that sick Olympic caliber athletes have that allows them to compete while sick, it is something that I would pay good money for. I've been lucky, I was off work yesterday and today. But somehow I'm going to have to drag myself out of bed and head to work tomorrow. If I can do that with a head that is mostly clear and lungs relatively free from congestion, tomorrow should be a good day.
And how 'bout those performances last night in the Ladies Short Program! Sasha, Kimmie, and Emily: Knock 'em dead tomorrow night!
6:00 am--8:00 am: Live women's biathlon relay final; USA
7:00 am--10:00 am: Live women's curling bronze medal match; MSNBC
11:00 am--2:30 pm: Live women's curling gold medal match; USA
4:00 pm--5:00 pm: Women's snowboarding parallel giant slalom; NBC
5:00 pm--8:00 pm: Women's curling gold medal match; CNBC
8:00 pm--midnight: Figure skating women's free skate; freestyle skiing men's aerials final; snowboarding women's parallel giant slalom final; NBC

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