Let The Games Begin!

It's Olympic time once again, and tonight the Opening Ceremonies of the Torino Games (or, if you're from outside of Italy, the Games of Turin) take place. Isn't it amazing how a city can change its name for marketing purposes?

Just four short years ago we were in Salt Lake City enjoying the scandals of Figure Skating and the French Judge. Isn't it amazing how Figure Skating has had so many scandals lately? First it was the Battle of the Carmens and the Battle of the Brians from Calgary, then came Tonya and Nancy, then came the French Judge. This year, there was already a minor scandal when US Ice Dancer Tanith Belbin received her US citizenship in the eleventh hour so she, along with her partner, Ben Agosto could compete. Who knows what further scandals we will see in Figure Skating this year. Tune in and find out.

But this year, I'm interested in quotables. What will Bodie Miller say next? Will Johnny Weir trash talk his way to a medal? And what about Apollo Anton Ohno on the short track speed skating rink? Interesting how he's remained under the radar after his high profile incidents in Salt Lake...or, has everyone forgotten that already?

No matter, in this Winter Olympic fortnight, we'll have drama, we'll have quotes, we'll have high flying snowboarders and aerialists and mogul jumpers. We'll have the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We'll have Katie Couric and Matt Lauer playing in the snow with Bodie Miller or trying to ice dance with Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto. Won't that be special?

Prediction: Watch out for the French Judge...she might have been banned by the International Skating Union, but I heard she's started a cell and is working undercover for an unnamed political entity.

Let the games begin everyone. Let the games begin!

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