MTMD Welcomes Our Newest Tenant: "I am!"

Soto is her name and blogging is her game. I first stumbled across Soto on her new Top 100 blogs website while seeking avenues to promote my blog:
(Please click here to see this rapidly growing list of some really fine blogs.)

And naturally, I have run into her quite a bit on Blog Explosion, and I daresay we have voted for each other a few times on Battle of the Blogs. It's all about reaching a wider audience for our writings.

In Soto's case, she writes about her various hobbies, her family, her ups and downs, and whatever else tickles her fancy at the moment--not too different from the majority of blogs out there, including my own. However what really impresses me with Soto's blog is her wit and humor and positive attitude combined with strong writing and point of view. "I am!" is a most enjoyable blog to read, and I encourage you to check out her work.

Thanks for reading.


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