Happy Easter Chocolate Video Series

To all those who are celebrating, I wish you a Happy Easter! I hope you're all going to have a wonderful holiday weekend!

In honor of the holiday, I have just posted 10 Chocolate Videos, comprising my Chocolate Video Series on the Food Industry Site FohBoh. That's right, Volumes I through X are now available, right on FohBoh, free of charge for your edification, entertainment, and laugh-out-loud pleasure. There is music, there are commercials, there are cartoons, there are skits, and a documentary, all on one of my favorite subjects: chocolate.

You can find the videos on my main page, or by browsing the most recent videos added on the video page of the site.

So that you can plan your viewing, here's the run down of the Chocolate Video Series:

1. I Love Chocolate. A girl, holding 2 candy bars, is interviewed as to why she loves chocolate. Think, Leno man on the street interview.

2. Kylie Minogue performs her song "Chocolate." It's a good song, using the metaphor of chocolate for love. It's sexy, it's smooth, it's hot--like a cup of hot chocolate!

3. Chocolate Skittles Commercial. I don't think this ever made the air in the US, but it's freakin hilarious.

4. Chocolate Fudge Brownies Recipe--a how to video to make one of our favorite treats.

5. The Simpson introduce their new video game, the Land of Chocolate. Homer is funny and there's a white chocolate bunny. Does white chocolate cut it? Watch this video to find out.

6. Chocolate Speed Painting with spoons. There's a lot of creativity out there. This artist actually paints with chocolate syrup, and his brush is a spoon. This video is fun and entertaining to watch and the artist is very talented. I might consider buying one of his chocolate artworks, except that they're probably bound to attract chocolate ants...which wouldn't be so good.

7. The Story of Chocolate. A 15 minute documentary on how chocolate is produced from start to finish, beginning with the cocoa bean. Fascinating and highly recommended if you have the time.

8. Chocolate Jesus. In honor of Easter, Tom Waits performs his own adult-oriented composition on the David Letterman Show.

9. I Love Lucy Classic. In one of the most familiar and greatest episodes of I Love Lucy, Lucy and Ethel try their best to wrap chocolate candies on the line. One of the funniest comedy skits of all time. Modern comedy can't touch this.

And finally, we have:

10. Chocolate Creme Suicide. I can't stop watching this. It's like watching a whole season of Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live in one minute and thirty seconds. In skit after skit after skit, a cadbury creme egg commits suicide in highly original ways. Check it out now, because the Cadbury Eggs are here today, but goo tomorrow. (This video is posted below here on MTMD, as it was my post from yesterday, so just scroll down if you only want a small taste of chocolate.)

I hope you enjoy the videos. Please take time to rate them and comment on them after you watch them. Rating them and commenting give me great feedback, and it gives you beaucoup FohBoh points!

My sincere wishes for an awesome holiday!

Thanks for reading!


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