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Hello, everyone! Yes, I've been away for a while. Thanks for all the emails during the past year and a half. Now that I'm back, however, I think you'll find that I'll be back in spades. There's much to discuss this year: the 2008 Presidential Election Cycle, the Olympic Games in Beijing with all of its ramifications--did you see how China banned YouTube today? And of course, the upcoming release of Mamma Mia! The Movie, starring Meryl Streep; plus the usual dose of whitewater and river-related posts.

But today, I want to make you all aware of the best social-networking site on the internet, particularly for those of you writing food and dining blogs: FohBoh.

FohBoh is the leading social-business network for the global restaurant industry. On FohBoh, you can connect with CEOs, managers, servers, chefs, cooks, wine makers, bartenders, vendors, suppliers and more. Make friends, discuss, ask questions, do business, learn and share. It's very cool, it's highly informative, and it's free.

FohBoh is also the net's #1 Resource if you're just into food! There are discussion groups on just about every food imaginable, the most popular ones being food, desserts, chocolate, coffee, beer, hamburgers, and wine. There are great recipes on the site and links to members with awesome food websites and food blogs.

If you love food, if you like to find out more about food, if you like to find out about great restaurants all over the US and world, if you want to chat and interact with executive chefs, wine experts, master brewers and pastry chefs making the desserts and wedding cakes of your dreams....FohBoh is the place to be.

I hope you'll check FohBoh out, and when you do, stop by my page and say hello.



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