Office Pranks for April Fool's Day

Yes, the favorite holiday of Practical Jokers everywhere is just around the corner. I've been compiling these favorites from email spam, over the years, and the time is ripe to share. If any of you use these wonderful little pranks in your office, please be kind enough to come back here to MTMD and comment on how they turned out!

Flip Screen


John wrote, "If your office-mate has a Dell computer with Intel Extreme Graphics 2 video card, then do this when he or she is away from the computer: Hit Ctrl - Alt - down arrow all at once. His screen image will invert 180 degrees. One poor fellow this was done to didn't know how to fix it, so he turned his flat screen upside-down!"

Toothpaste Filling

Stephanie wrote, "I work in the outpatient offices of a mental health hospital, so we are all used to silliness. Me and the two other girls in our office scraped out the cream on Oreo cookies and replaced it with toothpaste (and we colored it orange for Halloween). We arranged it all on a plate really nicely, with other candy, and took it down to the other depts. They laughed but told us they would be on the lookout next year!"

Cup o' Holes

Vicki wrote, "I was working as a secretary, and one of the bosses was yelling at me saying: 'We're out of coffee.' I don't drink coffee and could care less, but realized he expected me to make it... So, I decided to take a small pin and poked holes in the first couple of coffee Styrofoam cups and let him get one of those cups... Sure enough, he came right back, poured a cup and then I heard him yell "SH_T"! The coffee was leaking onto his suit that he said he just had dry-cleaned! It was all I could do not to laugh my butt off."

Cat Food Sandwich

Chuck wrote, "I had a co-worker back in the early '80s that insisted on eating my lunch from the fridge in our lunchroom. This would happen two or three times a week and we worked in a remote area with nothing around for miles, so I would have to go hungry for the day. I had warned him on many occasions but he would laugh it off or deny it. I had my wife buy a can of tuna cat food and mix it up as she would real tuna, and sure enough he took the 'bait.' He $hit himself at work later that afternoon and went home. He returned to work two days later and never mentioned a word about it. I just had to ask him, 'Did you like those tuna sandwiches? All the cats around our apartment do, feel free to grab a sandwich from my lunch pail if you wish.' Needless to say, problem solved!"

Faux Machine

Eleanor wrote, "I recorded the sound of a phone ringing on one of those 60-second memo minders and stuck in my pocket. I went with my co-worker over to the cubicle of a particularly bitchy co-worker who had the fax machine in her area. I stood by the fax machine and pressed the play button on my memo-minder. She started to get pissed when no incoming fax showed up. I did this a couple more times for effect. She was getting madder by the second. I could barely contain my laughter welling up inside!"

Fake-Out Lotto

Alex wrote, "I would read the newspaper in the break room and one of the guys asked me to read the winning Lotto numbers published in the paper. I had a clear view of his ticket so I read those numbers instead. He wrote down the numbers as I read them, then he compared them to his ticket. I could not be mean so I only gave him 5 out of 6 of the 'winning' numbers. His reaction was priceless as he thought he won a big jackpot, but he probably would have had a heart attack if he thought he won the Lotto."

Ketchup Coke

Andrew wrote, "When someone is drinking soda or something out of a cup with a straw, when they're not looking, open a ketchup packet vertically stick it on straw then put it back into the cup and watch. They will suck up ketchup rather than their drink."

Sex Report

Gscott wrote, "I once bought a small book that had the words 'SEX REPORT' on the cover, about the size of a Post-it note. (It was the kind you rigged with caps.) I laid it on my supervisor's desk and turned my back, went back to work along side my co-worker. We watched him from the side glance at the book, flip it over, and look around to see if anyone was watching then... POW!!!! My co-worker and I were in stitches, and our supervisor's face was beet red. We still laugh about that one."

The Fake Bathroom Occupants

R Hall wrote, "We had a newbie co-worker fire-watching (so he couldn't leave his post) and he asked for a toilet break. We told him we'd send a relief man and went to work. There was only one three-stall bathroom. We went in and placed work boots and pants in front of each toilet, locked the doors and climbed over the sides. We got the kid a break, let him come in and sat back and watched. After 15 minutes of going in and out the bathroom he was literally sweating. We were telling him those guys in the john are hiding and napping and he needed to run them out. Also the relief man was dogging him out on the radio! This kid was such a nice guy, but after about 30 minutes we couldn't hold it any more and didn't think he could either!"

Sponge Cake

Jane wrote, "We had a co-worker who always ate the food in the place but never offered to bring any. One day we got a car-wash sponge and covered it in frosting from the can. It looked like a nice frosted cake! Needless to say she took a knife to it to 'cut a slice.' Hmmm...we laughed about it for hours!"

Thanks for reading!


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