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As most of my readers are aware, I recently completed a major project managing the International Whitewater Hall of Fame's 2008 election process, hosting the induction event and producing a DVD presentation of the new honorees. It was a most rewarding and humbling experience in so many ways, and it was a distinct honor and privilege to be involved so deeply in the project.

As for the DVD production, we had the resources to produce the DVD and associated web video in house, but if I had to go through the process again, I think I would outsource that project component to a Video Production Service, such as Richter Studios.

The primary reason why I would look to outsource such a project would have to be the ease and expertise with which a company that specializes in projects like this could complete the project. Our in-house staff professional worked tirelessly for weeks, often throughout the night, to get the project done, making use of the resources he personally had, but that still remained awkward and cumbersome to work with for him. And I think it's rare that a company in need of DVD production would have the staff and equipment and the expertise necessary to produce video that would be professional enough to promote the organization in the most professional way. I think we achieved something excellent, but I still wonder if we missed out on something potentially more impactful.

After looking at Richter Studios' website, I am certain that they could have saved us a great deal of time in the production of the IWHOF DVD and turned around the project in far less time than the full month that our in-house staff ended up spending on the project. And because they are a professional company that specializes in promotional video production services, I believe our project could have benefited from their creative expertise in terms of adding interactive elements to our presentation that may have created a greater impact to the presentation when it finally appears on the IWHOF website.

Of course, dollars always remain a primary consideration. Everyone always strives to get the most bang for the buck. But I think it's important for companies to know their limits. And what impresses me about Richter Studios is that they have been creating presentations for over 10 years--from custom presentations for multi-million dollar bids, to enterprise-based presentation delivery to simple PowerPoint decks, their in-house teams have extensive experience in taking a client's message and creating visually stunning, state-of-the-art presentations. To date they have helped their clients win an astonishing one billion dollars in new sales. In fact, they have even created their own presentation based software for those clients who want to really stand out!

My mother always said: "You get what you pay for," and when it comes to a promotional tool, you can save yourself a little bit of money and try to complete a project that might be a stretch yourself; or you can spend those extra dollars and produce something truly breathtaking, and reap the rewards for your company that only the most professional presentations can bring. In this instance, Richter Studios would be my choice the second time around.

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