MTMD Welcomes "A Pile of Dog Bones"

Yes! New York City's Watchdog is BACK! and A Pile of Dog Bones is publishing again with its creator in a brand new template design! You can check out the blog by clicking on the orange thumbnail over on the left at the top of the sidebar!

After having lost the rights to the blog in an unfortunate game of Texas Hold Em, NYC's Watchdog burst back onto the scene in the last few days, winning back his blog, just in time for my April Fool's Joke on Mystickal Incense Blog Author and MY Template Designer Stephanie Davies. Apparently, the April Fool's Joke post has become my most successful post in the blogosphere to date, and it tickled the funny bones of many and made NYC Watchdog a fan of MTMD as evidenced HERE.

Not only is NYC's watchdog praise glowing, but he then went out and rented space on my blog. So it is truly a great honor to host his blog here this week. Often tenants don't interact with the writers of the blogs they rent, they're mostly looking for promotion of their own blogs. But in this case, I know that NYC's Watchdog is a fan of my blog, and I made him laugh. More importantly, I suspect I've made a friend.

Go on! Click on the thumbnail. You know you want to check out his blog. Post a comment on his site and tell him Matt sent ya!

Thanks for reading.


utenzi said...

Woo-hoo! April first works blog magic yet again. Congrats!

April 02, 2006 11:19 PM

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