MTMD Welcomes "Southern Expressions"

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Southern Expresssions blogger Andrea Allison is my current Blog Explosion Landlord and I am most gratified and proud to welcome her as my current tenant here at MTMD.

In her own words, "Andrea Allison was born in Texarkana, a small town in Texas. She spent most of her teen years after her parents divorce in Redwater, Texas. She currently lives in Collinsville, Oklahoma. She began writing at a young age, winning a few essay contests. Currently, she has been published three times. Her poem A Dark Sunset and short stories Time Wasted and Blood Diary were published at She is a member of several writing communities including Writers4Writers and Absolute Write. She is also the leader of a critique group called Inspiration Cafe.

I think Andrea is just starting out on the path of a brilliant career as a writer. Not just because her poem and stories show a lot of promise by evoking strong emotions and images; but because Andrea is truly dedicated to her writing. Southern Expresssions is a blog focused on writing and contains numerous posts devoted to writing technique, word usage, and contests. If you are serious about becoming a writer, Southern Expresssions is a great blog to add to your resource list.

In addition to Southern Expresssions, Andrea also authors the blog Ghost Stories which is a truly fascinating entry into the paranormal. Posts run the gamut from info regarding pagan holidays such as Walpurgis Night to the history of haunted lighthouses, movie reviews, and stories of hauntings at various homes and locations far and wide.

Without a doubt, Andrea Allison is going places, and I am most proud to welcome her as my tenant this week. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Southern Expresssions and tell her Matt sent ya. I know you'll be impressed.

In related news, NYC Watchdog over at A Pile of Dog Bones has just released his study of Blog Explosion Landlords. Thankfully, I seem to have acquitted myself pretty well in the Watchdog's eyes:

"These guys are able to provide you with a non-leaky roof over your head and 3 square. What more can you ask for?
1. Meltwater, Torrents, Meandering, Delta- A 55 credit rental, 3 mentions, and 19 out of 29 Clicks were Uniques, gave me a 180% return on the river."

One criteria the Watchdog missed in his calculations were thumbnail placement in the blog. Some blogs that you rent from have you way down at the bottom of their sidebars. I think thumbnail placement at the top of the sidebar should count for something. But you tell me...if you have rented from me in the past or present, how have I done? Is there anything you would like to see from me as a landlord? Is there anything else I can do to help you promote your blog? Let me know, I am here for you.

Thanks for reading.


Tricia said...

If the site goes back and changes the BE rent code in any posts that were made about the rental blog I think that should count as a big positive because it give the person a permanent link on a site (sometimes several if they were mentioned in more than one post). Technorati, google etc all like to see those links and it helps give a site higher standing in their eyes if a site has a lot of links from outside sites.

You were rafting during my rental and then the whole IT2M stuff happened so you didn't post all that much, but the intro was good. :)

May 10, 2006 11:04 PM
Va Va Voom said...

I just expect to be picked when I do apply to be a renter in your blog. Haha. (the nerve).

May 11, 2006 3:55 AM

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